Reiki Healing for Balance and Harmony in the Philadelphia region

Reiki is a Japanese word for healing. Westerners usually translate it as “Universal Life Force Energy," which is used during Reiki Healing. 

The Usui Natural Healing System, named for its founder, Mikao Usui, is the basic system used to invoke and use this energy known as Reiki energy.

A Healing Session With Reiki

During a Reiki healing session, you would be lying on a treatment table comfortably clothed. Using a very light touch, the Reiki energy is channeled through my hands as it rebalances and recharges your body’s energy. 

Sometimes clients ask me if they have to believe in Reiki for it to work, and the answer is no. 

Reiki means spirit guided, soul guided, and is a natural form of healing that simply happens.

Reiki works in tandem with your body/mind to bring balance and harmony to your being.

Life Healing And Reiki

Life Healing is a blend of modalities and frequencies I use as I facilitate your healing during a session. Reiki is just one of the channels that may run through me to you as we work together. A Life Healing session is guided by our masters, guides, teachers and angels. I am the vessel as they orchestrate the healing that is for your highest good to come through me. 

I am a channel for Reiki as well as other healing energies, and I do not use my own energy as I facilitate a Life Healing session.

Relief of Back Pain: Reiki For A Reiki Practitioner

Donna was a Reiki practitioner and came to me hoping I could relieve her back pain. She had run sessions on herself, yet did not experience the relief she desired. Reiki was the only form of energy work with which Donna was familiar, so she requested to have a pure Reiki session with no other energies. 

There was a very clear answer from our guides that a pure Reiki session would not facilitate the highest level of healing she had come to receive.

Spirit chooses not to limit how my physical vessel is used during a session. After getting such clear guidance, Donna agreed to receive the full range of healing that was for her highest good. 

During the session, Donna (being energy sensitive) could feel the different energies as they came through me to fcilitate her healing.

The session not only opened her to new possibilities of energy healing, it also completely relieved her back pain!

The transformational energies and modalities I use along with Reiki in a Life Healing session have helped clients with a wide range of issues that include back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain as well as emotional issues such as anger, grief, anxiety and fear, to name a few.

A Reiki Healing

I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for last weekend. I was so intent on getting the flooring down in the new house that I wasn’t thinking when I hit my finger with the hammer. 

I was horrified to see the blood blister form, not to mention the pain that came with it. As you know, my hands are my livelihood and I was concerned about being able to work.

Thank God I had invited you up for the weekend. 

When I came to you with my swollen, aching finger and asked you to help me, I knew my finger would be better, but I have to say, I was amazed to see the blood blister was gone when you were done as well as the pain! 

Thanks again!
Kim S.

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