Energy Healing

Energy Healing  

 Heal energetic imbalances such as  disease, aches, pains, emotional trauma and physical trauma

Energy healing is a broad term that refers to Life Healing work that is done to facilitate clearing, balancing, healing, and harmonizing all levels of your energy systems. You can experience energy healing through a session in my office in the Philadelphia area or by distant healing.

During a Life Healing session, I am guided to use my gift for facilitating a healing session and any number of tools I have learned through the years. These include modalities for energy healing for in-person sessions in the Philadelphia area and through distant healing. Each session is unique and different just as each client is unique and different.

You Are Energy

You have an energy field, chakras, meridians, and a grid system which connects to the grid of the earth and universe. When the flow in any of these systems is not in harmony, we experience disease (lack of ease).

During a Life Healing session, I facilitate the healing of body/mind/emotions and I see it all as energy. As I listen to a client, observe their physical structure and facilitate their healing session, I am acutely aware of their energy systems.

As I work, energy healing is a major component in every Life Healing session.

Many Modalities Of Energy Healing

I have been trained in different modalities of energy healing work, which can take place in my office in the Philadelphia area and through distant healing. The modalities include: 

Somatic Cellular Memory Access allows you to access the information stored in your cellular memory. 

Your past experiences color how you relate to and create your present moment. With the release of old memories, you are able to move forward and create from the now moment, and not from the pain of past emotional or physical wounds.

Reconnective Healing© is a form of healing that is believed to be here on the planet for the very first time. 

Reconnective Healing© reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. 

Reiki is a Japanese word for healing. Westerners feel it means "Universal Life Force Energy." 

This universal energy is used during Reiki Healing. The Usui Natural Healing System, named for its founder, Mikao Usui, is the basic system used to invoke and use this energy known as Reiki energy.

Chakra Balancing/Clearing heals and harmonizes the chakras. 

The chakras are energy centers. The seven major chakras (there are many minor chakras) look like spinning wheels of light, funnels or whirl pools of energy that make our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life possible. Healthy chakras are vital to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Energetic Grid Work clears repairs and balances the Grid to facilitate energy healing.

The Grid is best described as an energetic circulatory system. When properly aligned, it pulsates with vibrant life force energy. Imbalances in the grid can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Meridian Clearing/Balancing facilitates the flow of energy along a meridian to be cleared and balanced. 

Chinese medicine holds the ancient view that the basis of good health is the harmonious balance of qi, or vital energy, in the body. There are 14 main meridians, and when the flow along one or several of the meridians is obstructed, the result may be disease or injury.

Karma Clearing, another energy healing tool, allows the release of karma that has been completed.

It also allows for the transmutation of karma that is ready for transmutation. Karma simply stated is about cause and effect. Ultimately, karma teaches us to live in harmony with all things, everywhere. 

Essential Oils have long been acknowledged for their healing properties and can become an enjoyable component of energy healing. 

I use only the highest quality medicinal grade essential oils.

Gillespie Approach, developed by Dr. Barry Gillespie, is another modality I call on for energy healing.

Gillespie Approach integrates craniosacral, fascial, and TMJ-dental bodywork to produce a powerful therapeutic effect for children and adults.
The Importance Of Energy Healing

The importance of working with a client’s energy issues became very clear one day, in the early ‘90’s, with a client who came to me because of shoulder pain. 

The muscle tissue released beautifully, the pain released... and manifested in another area of the client’s body! I continued to physically chase the pain: releasing it and having it show up in another area. It was like chasing an elusive butterfly! 

Finally, I realized the pain was energetic and manifesting as physical pain. When I addressed the energy signature of the pain, it released completely. What a great lesson! 

Energy Healing For "Restless Leg"

Lydia arrived at my office exhausted. She was unable to sleep for several weeks because of “restless legs.”

When she tried to go to sleep at night, her legs would twitch and move, keeping her awake. She had received acupuncture for the condition but had received “no significant relief.” During the Life Healing session, I was guided to use a combination of several medicinal grade essential oils as well as energy work to balance her field.

 The morning after our appointment, I received a phone call from Lydia. She was well rested and happy to tell me she had slept through the night.

Several weeks later during a follow up visit, she was thrilled to announce the condition never returned.

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