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About Rebecca

At the age of 33 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I knew several people with the diagnosis and I was terrified of the future. I wondered why life was being so cruel to me.

The first book someone told me to read was "Quantum Healing" by Deepak Chopra. That was my introduction to spiritual healing. The book changed how I viewed my diagnosis and the feeling of powerlessness that came with it.

In this now moment, I am healthier, happier and finding sustained inner peace in a complicated world.

My story of Spiritual Healing

I am sharing my journey of spiritual healing with you as an inspiration to express how, from great pain and difficult circumstances, amazing gifts can evolve. If you can look deeply into any situation, you can find there is really no "right or "wrong;" instead, there is a spiritual gift waiting to be discovered.
Rebeccas Debus
Taking the higher perspective in every situation, no matter how bleak it may seem, will show there truly are no victims, just opportunities to learn and remember our Divine Nature.  I began a deeply personal spiritual journey within myself after being diagnosed with MS. Over many years I explored my body/mind/emotion/soul to heal the root of the disease. I was guided to many wonderful healers; each one added their gifts to my healing process. As I healed, I remembered the suppressed pain of an extraordinarily difficult childhood. It was a childhood that had left me full of rage, angry and depressed with frequent thoughts of suicide.

My family had always known Mother was "difficult", when indeed, she was much more. In my forties my mother was finally diagnosed with the mental illness known as borderline personality disorder. Over time, I learned how my beliefs about myself of being unworthy, unlovable and not good enough had evolved from my difficult childhood and were literally making me sick.

I understand what it takes to get to the other side of the abyss.

Creating a Safe Space for Spiritual Healing

Through my own path of spiritual energy healing, I have learned to feel deep compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and love for myself. It is BECAUSE of the wounding and the path of spiritual healing I chose that I am able to create a safe sacred healing space for others.

The workshops I attended, the techniques I studied, and the healers I met along my journey help me to pass along to others the spiritual healing and inner peace I now experience. The modalities I call on include Kahuna ARCH™ healing, Axiatonal Alignment, Hellerwork, Reiki I, and many more.

I also received training internationally with: Carolyn Myss in Greece, "Healing the Wounded Healer," Gregg Braden in Peru, "In Search of Original Wisdom," and Gregg Braden in Egypt, "Living the Days of Prophecy."

I have learned my outer world reflects my inner world and I am a powerful co-creator. There is no book that could have possibly given me the wisdom and experience my life path of spiritual energy healing has given me. Now I can see my fractured childhood as a gift. I can see the gift my Mother offered me through an "abusive childhood." I see the beauty in the dance of my life, even in its darkest moments, and for that, I am eternally grateful. In many ways, it is because of my past that I am able to help my clients transform the damage that has happened in their childhoods to purity, health and happiness. I feel blessed every time I witness this process of spiritual healing.

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