Case Studies
Inner Peace creates World Peace


Sam had a long history of groin and abdominal muscle pains and aches that began years ago when he tore his right groin muscle while moving a water heater. He has maintained his pain through weekly massage.

When he arrived at my office, he could barely move.

He had helped move a heavy table the day before and his back had seized up. Any movement was difficult for him, especially getting out of a chair and walking. His massage therapist was away on vacation for two weeks. Sam was desperate for relief.

As the Life Healing session began, my guides told me the healing that was needed was not on the physical level. I was guided to work on expanding, repairing and realigning Sam’s grid. When the energy of Spirit came through me it was very intense. Sam went into an altered state with a few occasional muscle twitches. At one point as I was working on his grid, he almost jumped off the table. After the session he said he had had a “dream” about a traumatic event and he jumped when he came out of the dream.

As the session ended, I grounded the energy so Sam could assimilate the work easily.

It took about ten minutes before Sam fully came back into his body and was able to sit up.

As he got up, he was amazed that he was pain free. His back pain, groin pain and ankle pain (which he had not mentioned) were gone. On a follow up phone call two weeks later, Sam was still pain free.


Joan was experiencing pain in her side located  around her hip and ribs. I checked in with her guides as the session began. I intuitively knew the pain was energetic in nature and was connected to an aspect of Joan.

I guided her to breathe into the pain she was feeling and open herself to receive the information it was holding for her.

Joan was quiet for almost 30 minutes. When she spoke, she told me the pain was about her 8-year-old “inner child”. She had just had a long conversation with her inner child. Through the conversation, Joan’s inner child was “surprised it was ok to be angry”.

After the conversation, Joan’s pain was gone, and she was left with a deep understanding and appreciation for herself.

Being raised with a Bi-Polar mother, there was no safe way for her anger to be expressed as she was growing up. Through the session, she released the pain both emotionally and physically and healed an old childhood wound.


Tim had severe pain just below his scapula and the pain was making it difficult for him to take a breath.

Through the session I encouraged him to center and breathe into the pain. I asked him to let go of his logical mind and allow his senses to explore the pain.

There was resistance and distraction to allowing this process, so, ultimately, I shifted my focus to balancing his energy field to enable him to become open to exploring the pain.

After the session, the pain had diminished, but was still present. I knew it needed time to “ripen.”

A day later, Tim called in great pain to ask if I could work with him again. I was guided to say "no." The next week, during our regular appointment he told me of his experience of releasing his pain.

He had connected the pain to his abusive childhood and realized how he was perpetuating the abusive pattern through pain in his body. After he made the connection, the pain was gone.

True healing happens when the root of the problem is accessed. Metaphorically speaking, I simply opened doors and planted the seeds to allow Tim to embrace his own healing when he was ready to do so.


John came to a Life Healing session to find help for his stress and anxiety. He hoped I could give him relaxation techniques.

A few weeks before our first appointment, John had gone to the hospital because of a severe anxiety attack. He didn't want his anxiety to rule his life. He was dealing with a difficult boss and was unhappy at work.

In our first session, I guided him through grounding, breathing and clearing techniques.

During our second session, I was guided to use Craniosacral Fascial Therapy to help him with his symptoms of ADD.

You'll find more information about Craniosacral Fascial Therapy on my website. (When you arrive on the back-pain-relief page scroll down on the page for a description of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy.)

When John came for his third session, he announced that his anxiety had significantly decreased, yet his work situation hadn't changed.

By the end of the third session, John began to open up and share with me his experience of his childhood with an abusive father. I could hear the similarity between the issues he was having with his boss as he described his father's behavior when he was growing up.

I pointed these similarities out to John and told him we could work on clearing these issues in the next session.

I always feel blessed when a client has the faith and courage to trust me as we access their inner child, and that was the focus of the forth session.

During the session, John spontaneously witnessed a scene from his childhood when his father was about to be abusive. "Adult John" stepped between Father and "little John" and stopped the abuse before it could happen. Adult John clearly told his father that the abuse must stop and will never happen again.

This scene played out like a movie for John. He was able to step back in time and re-write. history. By doing so, he was able to reclaim his power.


Three weeks after this session, John told me his boss hadn't changed, but somehow he was dealing better with the situation.

Two months later, John got an amazing new job, has had no anxiety attacks and is feeling an excitement and passion for life.

John's anxiety was being created by a myth. He believed, through the conditioning of an abusive father that he was not good enough. He continued to perpetuate the myth as he engaged with a boss that represented father energy.

We all do it.

Whatever negative dynamics are created and not resolved with a parent, we keep re-creating so we can reach a resolution/healing. We create situations and draw people to us that keep scratching the wound open so we can finally heal it.

The Solution Through Life Healing:
Through Life Healing sessions, John was able to get to the core of his wound and heal it, therefore releasing his need to draw abusive men into his life to reinforce the myth.

The myth was: I am not good enough.

The solution was: Facing the source of the myth, in this case, father.

The outcome of doing this work:
Being able to create powerfully the life you love from the now moment instead of creating your life from past wounds.

The Iris Attached to the Cornea

A client I have been working on for years called in fear and distress. His left eye was painful, enlarged and bloodshot, and the vision in that eye was poor. He had made an appointment with a renowned ophthalmologist to check out what was happening. My client asked me to work with him doing distant healing. Every time I checked in with his eye, I was only shown bright white light. No work was to be done yet.

On a Thursday, the ophthalmologist saw my client. He called another ophthalmologist in to consult on the rare findings, and pictures were taken of the eye. The iris of the eye had adhered to the cornea creating a distortion of the iris. My client was sent home with two eye drop prescriptions. One was a dilator to try to separate the cornea and iris and the other a steroid to keep the inflammation down. The doctor was hoping that this combination would work. If it did not, surgery, though not always successful, was the next option. My client was to return the following Monday for a follow up visit.

When my client called me with the diagnosis, I checked in with Spirit and was given permission to go to work. Spirit worked through me for three sessions.

In the first session, I was shown that the left eye was about his heart. I saw blood running down from his eye to his heart. His heart was broken, and he refused to see the pain. The eye and heart were connected. The wound was so deep he was crying blood.

A white rod with a flat spiral around it showed up and I was told it was a karmic clearing tool that Spirit used to clear his heart and release the stored pain. I asked Spirit to release the pressure in the eye as well as the toxic build up. I saw golden Light running through the eye regenerating it. We then did heart work. His heart became emerald green, and there was no more blood from the eye to the heart. I asked that his damaged emotional body be rebuilt.

As the second session began, I heard, "break his back, break his will". I was shown what looked like a scarecrow in a field. The head was hanging down, and the forearms were dangling from the elbows. A stick up the back was the only thing holding it up. Defeated, lifeless, this was a symbol of my client's body. He was now refusing to come back into such a broken body. It was too painful, too hard.

Spirit told me that the past lives of torture were the core of his disassociation with the physical. I could hear my client say, "If I have to incarnate, I simply won't fully come back into my body. I will not fully acknowledge all aspects of the body." He did not want to fully associate with the body because "the body is pain". So in this lifetime, he did not fully embrace his physical body. I connected with my client's Higher Self and there was an agreement his being would come fully into the physical for healing to take place.

His primary issue of confrontation ties into his numerous lifetimes of torture. I saw that the fractured back was at the core of his aversion to confrontation. His cellular memory has retained the memories of the pain of torture as his back and will were literally being broken. In this lifetime he has avoided confrontation at all cost and stayed in situations that do not honor him. His escape is to "check out" by going deeply within and connecting to Spirit. This survival mechanism has supported him in avoiding confrontation, which to him equates to pain and death.

He also has a lifetime habit of not looking people directly in the eye due to being emotionally beaten down in this life. In past lives he could not face or speak back to his torturers either. He has difficulty having an open and honest relationship with close family members. He is afraid to be fully his own person. All of these belief systems were affecting his being and were keeping him from reaching his full potential in life. Also they were all directly tied into the disease of his eye. He acknowledged the work he needed to do to heal.

During the third session, Spirit ran the spiral rod through his spine to transmute stuck energies. I placed a diamond around him, through his spine, eye and all the cells in his body and activated them. At each session we talked about what Spirit had shown me as I helped him integrate the session.
The night before his Monday appointment with the ophthalmologist, I had a dream just before I awoke. My client was standing at my office door waiting for me to answer. As I saw him at the door, I looked at his eye. It looked healthy and healed. I said, "Wow, your eye looks great".

Monday evening I received a phone call from my client thanking me profusely. He had just come from the ophthalmologist with great news. The doctor said that the eye was healed! Surgery was averted. The doctor made copies, and my client graciously gave me the before and after pictures as proof.

In conclusion, we may never know what really was responsible for the healing of the eye; in reality the eye was the tip of the iceberg. This case study highlights the complexity of healing. All disease starts at the energetic level; the physical manifestation is just the end result. In all my years of experience, I have learned that healing is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, and multifaceted. The physical, mental, energetic, and emotional bodies must all be addressed for complete healing of disease.

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