Hellerwork For Back Pain Relief 

Hellerwork is the "owner's manual'' that reveals how to use your body to its maximum potential. 

Hellerwork is a tool that integrates body, mind, and spirit, and it facilitates balance through all these parts. In addition, Hellerwork educates you in doing everyday movements in a more balanced way.

I explain the process of Hellerwork to my clients in this way:

We receive owner's manuals with anything we buy, a DVD player, TV, car, microwave and this tells us how to use the item we purchased to its maximum potential. However, none of us ever received an owner's manual for our bodies. We are not born with a manual telling us how to use our bodies to their maximum potential. I see Hellerwork as that manual.

Hellerwork is an effective process that integrates the body, mind, and spirit. All healing work I do is based on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit are inseparable; Hellerwork is a wonderful process to facilitate balance through all of these parts.

The body is a living library of everything that we have ever experienced and these experiences actually show up in our physical structure. When a session begins, I observe a client's physical structure and I see the history they carry with them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Through the process of observing the client's structure, I see the areas that need to be released & restored to balance.

Next, the client will lie on a massage table and I begin to bring more balance to their body by using a variety of gentle deep-tissue bodywork techniques to realign the body and release chronic tension and stress.

Verbal dialogue is a powerful part of the Hellerwork process. It assists the client in becoming aware of any emotional stress that may be contributing to their physical tension.

Hellerwork also educates the client how to do every day movements in a more balanced way. Through movement education, clients learn how to use their body with more ease and balance therefore maintaining the results of each session. Connecting movement and body alignment, allows clients to restore their natural balance.

Traditional Hellerwork is based on a series of 11 one-hour sessions. Currently, I have had great success by intuiting what a client needs and doing a few sessions without the need for the series.

Hellerwork Corrects Imbalances

Many new clients will come to me for relief from back pain. Hellerwork is very effective for back pain relief because back pain can be due to imbalances their physical structure. Once they realize more balance through the Hellerwork series, many report relief from their back pain.

Balancing the body also has helped clients with sacroiliac pain as well as sciatica pain for the same reason. A balanced body functions better with more ease and grace. 

A wonderful way to understand how Hellerwork can help back pain, sacroiliac pain and sciatica pain is to think of your car for a moment. 

Yes, your car. 

When you hit a pothole with your car, sometimes it will throw your car out of alignment. If you don't get it realigned, first you will ruin your tires and eventually more serious problems will arise as the misalignment affects your suspension. 

The same is true with your body. At first misalignments may be experienced as minor aches and pains. If ignored, they may become more serious problems such as knee pain, back pain, sacroiliac pain and sciatica pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

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