Craniosacral Facial Therapy

Craniosacral Facial Therapy 

The truth is, I love fascia! 

I see it as the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Fascia connects everything in the body. Scientists have found there is a lattice that connects everything in the universe.
As above so below. 

To me it is a cosmic wink, a hint from the Universe that we are all connected, we are eternally intertwined! 

Accessing the fascia in our bodies creates a powerful healing potential.

During a session of Life Healing, one of the modalities I may use is the Gillespie Approach Craniosacral Facial Therapy (CFT) to support a client on their healing journey.

Gillespie Approach CFT is a method for releasing chronic tension and stress and is very effective alone or in conjunction with Hellerwork. The following is a brief explanation of CFT. 

The brain has to move in a natural cycle; when it does not, diverse problems can arise.

During a CFT session I “listen" to your fascia. Your fascia will lead the way in a beautiful dance of unwinding.

This unwinding may be done laying down, sitting up or standing, depending on wherever the fascia leads.

I follow the movement with full awareness that your body's innate wisdom knows what to heal, when to heal and what it takes for that healing to occur. 

As I listen to your fascia I trust and allow it to guide me to release what is ready to let go, balance and heal in the moment.

Here's a very brief history of Gillespie Approach...

Dr. William Sutherland

In 1899 Dr. William Sutherland, then a young osteopathic physician, began researching the cranial concept, and it became his lifetime quest.

He postulated that a moving dural tube connected the cranial and sacral tissues, and he discovered the concept of the interconnected body. That explains why a restriction in the pelvis may be causing a condition in the head and vice versa.

Dr. John Upledger

More recently, Dr. Upledger at Michigan State (during surgery) discovered connective tissue within cells, blood vessels, and nerves at the sutures of the cranial bones. This soft tissue allows the bones to move slightly as the brain engages in its normal expansion and contraction.

Dr. Barry Gillespie

CFT, developed by Dr. Barry Gillespie, takes Dr. Sutherland's work a few steps further. In his periodontal practice, Dr. Gillespie discovered that craniosacral, dental, and fascial aspects are in reality one powerful system and the integration of craniosacral, fascial, and TMJ-dental bodywork produced a powerful therapeutic effect for children and adults. This approach marries the current craniosacral and facial concepts and all three facets powerfully affect central nervous system function.

In adults Gillespie Approach can improve:

• Headaches
• Back pain 
• Neck pain
• TMJ syndrome 
• Migraines
• SinusHeaches
• Concussions
• Jaw pain
• Hip pain
• Whiplash
• Sleep issues
• Pelvic pain
• Anxiety
• Depression

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