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Case Study: Distant Healing The Iris Attached to the Cornea

A client I have been working on for years called in fear and distress. His left eye was painful, enlarged and bloodshot, and the vision in that eye was poor. He had made an appointment with a renowned ophthalmologist to check out what was happening. My client asked me to work with him doing distant healing.

His story of distant healing is here

Life Healing
Through Distance Healing

If you would like to experience the benefits of Life Healing from the convenience of your home, long distant healings may be your solution.

Sometimes, due to distance or disability, clients are unable to come to my office for a healing session. In these cases, I recommend a distance healing session of Life Healing.

The benefits of a long distant Life Healing session are numerous and as varied as the issues that are presented for healing.

"Rebecca, what a relief to share with someone who listens so well...so grateful to have found you!

"I wished I had found you two years ago! It was so good to be heard and listened to. I can't tell you how much that means. I wish I could give you a big hug!"

R.S., MN

Relief And Transformation
With Distant Healing

Improving Neck Pain

In one case, a client was having neck pain and due to distance was unable to come to my office.

The distance healing session started at the appointed time with the client calling me. We talked for a few minutes about what was going on with the client. I opened to myself to the information I was receiving from my guides and my client's guides about how to proceed with the session.

After confirming my client was lying down, I began the Life Healing session where I was guided to balance her chakras, adjust her grid, and balance her emotional body. She experienced extreme drowsiness during the session and reported feeling very relaxed once the session was completed.

Three day later she called to tell me her neck pain was gone!

Resolving Problems Within A Family

Another distance healing client was having problems with a family member. After listening to her, I was guided to do a Karma clearing for them around the distress of the relationship with the family member.

This client also got very drowsy during the session; at times she reported feeling some pressure in her heart chakra. At the end of the session she reported feeling "lightness" in the heart chakra.

A week later she called to tell me that "somehow the problems don't seem to hold the same charge and the relationship with the family member has improved."

Physical, Emotional, and
Spiritual Healing At A Distance

During a long distant healing session, Life Healing can adjust your grid system and balance and clear your chakras, meridians and energy field. It can also help you access your inner child and/or Ancient One so you may begin healing emotional pain and gain clarity about your life path in a powerful, yet gentle process of self exploration.

My intention with distance healing is the same as it is in workshops and in one-on-one sessions in my office. I help my clients to access the healer within themselves so they may discover tools to help themselves in their healing process long after the session or workshop has ended.

What Can You Expect
During A Distant Healing Session?

A distance healing session begins with a phone call at the designated appointment time. During a session you will be asked to set aside a full hour of time to relax and lie or sit down with no interruptions.

Depending on the needs of the client and the nature of the issues being addressed, we may either talk or work in silence. In some cases, the client and I will have a brief conversation to activate the distance healing, and then continue the session in silence. This sometimes happens because the client feels the energy so intensely, they find it difficult to speak.

Each Long Distant Healing Session Is Unique

In a distant healing session I combine modalities such as:

      • Reiki,
      • chakra healing,
      • Kahuna ARCH™ healing,
      • karma clearing,
      • grid work,
      • meridian clearing/balancing and
      • Somatic Cellular Memory Access.

Each session is unique and offers what the client needs at the time for healing body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

When a long distant healing session is activated and in progress, clients may feel sensations such as pulsing, tingling, itching, twitching, and emotions surfacing.

How Can Distance Healing Work?

Distance is not a barrier.

The Hopi Indians have always spoken of "the web of creation." Now, with the study of Quantum Physics, scientists acknowledge a form of energy that is everywhere all the time — connecting all things. They call it the Quantum Hologram.

There is no scientific proof of why distance healing works or how it works; however, in my humble opinion distant healing works through tapping into the Quantum Hologram.

To discover more about long distant healing energy with Rebecca, contact her for a FREE 15 min. consultation.

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